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July 01, 2006



That is truly obscene.


I have to agree that taxes are at the root of the problem, and school districts need to find other ways to fund what they need to do. It does not help that costs all over are going up. However, school boards are faced with tough choices to make when budgets go down in elections. As both a parent and an educator, it is always a challenge to accept what the school board has to do to make the schools work and still promote what is best for the children. In addition, the requirements that schools meet mandates from State Education Departments and the No Child Left Behind Law, which does not provide the funding necessary to make its mandates possible, leaves schools with the choice of increasing taxes to make the grades, or failing and having State Education Departments take over. When that happens, you as residents/citizens have little say in the choices that are made. No Child Left Behind is great in its concept, but leaves much to be desired in its implementation. Today's rising costs for energy, health care (not the teachers' fault--talk to the insurance companies!) and the additional mandates will raise the budgets. Tough choices must be made. It is unfortunate that they are often not made in the best interest of those we are serving, and who have no say in the matter...the children. I have no problem with parents paying for extra-curricular activities (band parents buy the instruments, after all), or with fundraisers being conducted for those who don't have the ability to pay for them, but when students are pulled from educational programs that are helping them learn, there is a real problem. That is what we need to be addressing, not the tax issue. (Both need fixing, which is more important is the question!)

Jim Cobb

very sad that they wont be sending kids to walkabout. walkabout basically saved my life, and i think it should be a priority to make sure schools can send kids there... very sad.

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