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July 15, 2006



There are plenty of co op boards, at least in Manhattan, where your scenario would be a problem for a heterosexual couple.

I don't buy your argument. Light financials are light financials regardless of who the couple is. Now, it may be the case that the light financials are a convenient excuse for a person too polite to say he doesn't want gays in his co op but that is largely irrelevant to the larger financial issue. Co ops are groups of private individuals choosing to live as they see fit. They should, if the desire strikes them, discriminate as they choose. No one is forced to live in a co op (well, excluding kids, and kids have few legal rights, anyway).

And Mortimer? Does anyone really have that name any more?


Mortimer...Arsenic and Old Lace, a great play and film.

I think it's funny that discrimination by one group is called "prejudice" or "racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe" and then another form of discrimination is just called, "legal."

Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Unfortunately in this day and age, right is considered unenlightened and wrong is considered alternative.

JPHIL...I'm another red man in a blue state. Keep up the good work!


An interesting case of principles in tension. I agree with Dave, the co op (and I'm not sure what one is, I've never heard the term before in a housing sense) should have the right to dispose of its property, which the house apparently is, as it sees fit. If that involves racism or bigotry or whatever, so what? It's their property. On the other hand, shedding some light on the issue - by, say, publishing the names of the group members - is also a good thing. Transparency lets the market make sensible decisions.

Regulating private transactions in the name of a social good is generally a bad thing.

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