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May 15, 2006



Amen and Halleluja. I couldn't agree more. I read the book. I thought it was interesting, certainly an interesting theory. But FICTION. It's like that movie with Johnny Depp about Jack the Ripper.."In Hell" (or "From Hell" I forget which). Very interesting theory about what really happened to Jack and who he was, but fiction. No way to prove or disprove. So enjoy it for the entertaining story that it is and leave it go.


I never found misrepresentations and lies supporting heresy with regard to my religion as "entertaining".


Am I the only person who ever read "The Name of the Rose"? That piece of "blashemy" has been around for 25 years...


Did not read the Name of the Rose but I did read Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, from which much of the plot of the da Vinci Code is allegedly based.

Thought it a pretentious piece of crap.

Did not read the da Vinci Code.

In any event, could not agree more with the sentiment, "it's fiction; get over it", however, what I fail to understand is why the Catholic Church can't just "get over it" and focus on what it really ought to care about, such as eliminating pedophiles from its ranks.

But what do I know? I'm just a Jew.


Tony, it is my religion too. I'm Catholic. Is is not "misrepresentation and lies" It is FICTION. Have you read the book or are you making assumptions based on press?


Exactly - the book is fiction, the writer is a novelist, it's meant to entertain or divert one from reality. That's what novels do, and all Mr. Brown wants is to sell tons of them, as any novelist would.

I agree with Dave - there are many issues that the Church should be focused on, this is not one of them.


I agree that the Da Vinci Code is fiction. But you and Tom Hanks are trying to convince us that we should just accept it as fiction and get over it.


"Dan Brown's murder mystery novel presents a problem for Christians. A 2005 Canadian survey showed that one-third of those who have read the book believe that it is factual.

"Decima Research poll of 1,005 Canadian adults over 18, conducted June 9-12, 2005, commissioned by National Geographic Channel, at http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/June2005/23/c5136.html"

Maybe the Canadians are more gullible, but I don't think so.

The CWA link: http://www.cwfa.org/printerfriendly.asp?id=10733&department=cfi&categoryid=cfreport will help dispel 10 myths associated with the Da Vinci code.

I consider this a must read as too many people believe this garbage. This should be focused on because it could shatter someone's faith. What is a religion without faith?


"It is fiction. Get over it" - How articulate.

Regarding the mayor post, don't accuse him of being inarticulate when your beloved president has his own unique take on the English language.

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