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April 29, 2006



So what's the concern here?

It's their money; why can't they spend it how the see fit?

Sure, I know it's ridiculous to spend $1,500 on prom, but there are plenty of other stupid things people spend money on. And the world hasn't ended yet.

It's like I told my little cousin when we went to the New York Auto Show: if you can afford the Ferrari who cares if you buy it?

Same principle applies here, I think.

Jack Altmiller

Difference is, presumably, if you buy a Ferrari it's because you want one. The spending Phil is referring to has less to do with choice and more to do with social pressure. Plus, if the kids want to spend their money on the prom, they can. As long as they get a job, it sounds fine to me. Then it really might be their choice.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse

Parents teach their kids about priorities. If the parents' priorities are for transient pleasures, that's what the next generation will treasure. Parents can teach their children to choose wisely by making wise choices to begin with..


Phil & I handled prom in a most cost-effective manner back in 1985 - gave our dates 40-oz bottles of St. Ides from Ralph's deli in the hope that we'd get lucky.

Oh. And we parodied a David Lee Roth song for them in the limo. Good times.

Nice to finally see a post. Sure hope Phil enjoyed all that downtime....


I have hosted 5 exchange students now and for four of them the prom was a huge deal. They don't have anything like it in their own country and it is such an American teenage rite of passage that they feel they have missed out on a huge thing if they don't go. Finding the right dress, agonizing over whether or not a boy is going to ask you. These are all things that I remember from my senior year, which was more years ago than I care to remember or admit. This year I am a little worried about a new thing. Prom has also become the accepted "first time for sex date", and for the first time I have a girl going with a guy that she actually likes and not just a friend. I won't deny that I'm a little concerned. My girl has a very good head on her shoulders and more self respect then I ever had at her age. Still, it's hard not to worry. Plus there is the drinking and everything else that goes along with it. I just worry about the kids being disappointed. This has been built up into a be-all, end-all kind of thing. It isn't the prom anymore, it is PROM.


Well, Dinah has just left for her prom. Here's hoping that she has a safe and wonderful time. Safe, of course, being the operative word. I want to have a good time and come home in one piece. Any and all prayers and good wishes, are greatly appreciated.

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