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March 23, 2006



Your argument doesn't make much sense, for it implies "any student found to use Adderall should have his academic record expunged."

If we don't have a problem with students using cosmetic psychopharmacology to study, then we shouldn't have a problem with athletes using performance enhancing drugs.

Favoring, or at least, not opposing one, while opposing the other is hardly consistent.


I can understand why people are so emotional about the drugs issue - but there are many legal performance enhancing techniques that are used today that the greats like Aaron, Ruth et al didn't have access to.

I would rather have the drugs out in the open where safety and effectiveness become the primary concern as opposed to players using the latest drugs that the league can't detect.

As long as the playing field is level the competition should be great - it will sour the records so to speak - but hasn't that already happened as we question anyone with a great season or career?


I fully agree about what a huge disgrace steroids have wrought, but it's going to take some time to figure out how to handle it. Some players dabbled, while others like Bonds "mainlined" the stuff. Some 'fessed up (Giambi) or have tacitly admitted it (McGwire), while others (Canseco) keep stonewalling. It seems to me that both variables (extent of use, and contrition) have to be taken into account for purposes of statistics and Hall of Fame eligibility.

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