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March 15, 2006



Obvious questions:

1) What "wealth" did whites steal from blacks? The only possible conception of wealth stolen by white slave traders from blacks is labor and liberty; these kinds of wealth are not very valuable if they are not exploited properly. There is little evidence that colonial or pre-colonial Africa had developed sophisticated economies capable of producing true wealth.

2) What the hell does Darwin have to do with anything?

Mantra: All that I ask of the religious is that they consider the depths to which religion has sunk man.


I'm sorry, but 7-year-old girls do not know the word "paradigm," nor would they know how to put it to use. I've tutored and taught enough kids to know that the vocabulary, meter and phrasing of her poem cannot belong to her second grade mind.

This poor kid's already lost. All hail the victicrat mentality.


To Dave:
Wow....first, Darwin is one of the many men used to justify the in perceived "inferiority" of the black man as a whole...Darwin is VERY relevant. And wealth goes beyond what you can see. Wealth embodies culture, relationships, progression, all of which was stifled with the introduction of white men into African society. Try reading up that-or perhaps try going to Africa to see the repercussions of past actions.

To Portia:

It doesn't take much to look up a word or simply ask what it means-you should try giving children a little more credit. I wouldn't call the child lost. She IS only 7. However, most people are just upset people the TRUTH has come from a child so young. Even if she didn't write the poem. It's very fitting.

Jose Nuques

It is sad to see a young girl preach hatred and prejudice towards our white brothers. Her dad must not teach her the way of the Lord. She preaches in the same manner Hitler did in the begining of his popularity. Perhaps she is preaching the beginings of an arien black race. Her tongue is that of the K.K.K.; nevertheless, disguised as a young black child. What will her future have in store; for her sake, I hope the way of our Lord-God.


I don't believe that the poem is completely racist. Truth, is in her poem. However, there's truth, then there's truth. First, Morgan was a pirate, Columbus did enslave people, and ,as Bri mentioned, Darwin did preach some racist views on black people. However, we must remember that before whites even came into the picture in Africa tribes fought each other and the victorious enslaved the defeated. Inaddition, there were Africans that helped the whites enslave their own people, true for their own survival but survival at any cost is not always the right thing to do. I won't judge. We all have to live with our actions.

It is also true that in the present the black community needs help and has many problems. And I think it's ok to promote black unity as long as it doesn't preach against HUMAN UNITY.

I am a white woman,27, from New Orleans, Louisiana. I'll be the first one to admit that the way Hurricane Katrina was handled was horrible and that doesn't even come close. In my opinion Bush doesn't like anyone who is not like him-white, rich, and christian. It is obvious that racism still exists, even in our own president. But not all white people are like him. Not all white people are vampires and pirates, and I think the poem inplies that we are all like that.

I want equality for all human kind, but we have to stop the blame game. Both whites and blacks are guilty of this. We need to talk openly and honestly to each other and try No not try but do find solutions. I don't know maybe I'm crazy and asking to much. But what the hell.

I don't think Autum is lost as Portia stated. I think she is young and has many things yet to expierience and to discover. Have hope that this 7 year old is not racist but learning and growing. I mean come on she's only 7. Hope for the better is part of what being human is all about.

Thanks for listening to my rambles! :)


Why isn't this child teaching in a university?


I find this poem and her views atrocious. I have a child in middle school and i would be up in arms if something like that was "perfomed" in front of him. I say it every day, I AM not responsible for slavery, I am white,, yes.. but guess what, as much as the blacks want to hate my race for slavery, i guess i should as well? My ancestors were of Irish/Scottish descent, which undoubtbly means, that when they traveled to America.. it was as indentured servents, not much better than slavery is it? you dont hear me screaming, about the mistreatment that my relatives faced? should we talk about my other ancestory? Cherokee? Do you not think i could recite a book of the injustice brought to them? It happened, its history and if we keep playing the game it wont end.
I would be slaughtered by the media, by the people, and especially by blacks if i stood up and said ANYTHING close to Autum's poem with a white viewpoint? I would not be allowed to publicly have a White Entertainment Television, no White American College Fund, MIss white America? I will tell you before you all call me a racist, yes i have PRIDE in my heritage, but i dont hate someone because of their race, i have issues with ignorance, and issues with someone that wants something for nothing.
Seriously would i WANT a white american college fund or white entertainment TV? no, i think EVERYTHING should be AMERICAN PEOPLE college fund, fair and equally distributed to all in need.
I am also a Christian, and have been persecuted and accused of persecution, call me what you will, i just call me Human.
Thats just my 2 cents.


For the people commenting in defense of the 7 year olds comments, why not call it like you see just as this little girl has.

There is factual evidence that slavery took place, it is well known that slaves were not compensated for their labor and the america they built and the white people who have money, do not have money they have ammassed Wealth. Free labor, knowledg of land, culture, identity = Wealth, plain and simple. The same money wealthy whites spend today is old money from great, great, grandfathers and mothers who pimped great, great grandfather slaves and mothers. People will never admit this fact today because they do not realize the ripple effect enslavement has on America today. It shapes who we are and what we think about each other and what counter or fountain or job or contract or law or neighborhood we have a right to.

And to the folks posting that "Afrcan tribes enslaved each other" stop turning the other cheek. That form of slavery, was a form of trade a service. It will NEVER compare to the most volatile and damaging effect of American Slavery. American Slavery seperated generations of families from each other, babes from mother, your child was born into slavery kind of thing. That form of slavery built a whole nation, not designed for the likes of you. I mean the effects of this slavery runs so deep, you no longer have a clue as to were your great ancestors are from, what language they spoke, it is still being felt, my children's children's childrens' children's....will still be feeling the effects.

I am so happy that this little girl wrote this poem which led to this post. It lets me know that times are changing, the next generation is coming up with the truth. To say she is bs, it tells me that people don't want black people to build their own but funny thing is this is on the reverse side this is the same racism that white people rallied thier supporters around in justification of slavery and seperatism.


>>What "wealth" did whites steal from blacks?

Where do a majority of the worlds diamonds come from? and who labors in those mines?


I can't believe you people are defending this kind of thing.

Terri - Blacks labour in those mines, but blacks also run them. Blacks use that money to buy weapons to maintain their control of the population and kill other blacks.

Randall - Yes slavery happened, but its not happening now. It was bad and I appologize for it on behalf of all white people [sarchasm] because I'm sure no one has ever done that before [/sarchasm]. If my appology doesnt make up for it then nothing will and if nothing can ever make up for it you should stop bringing it up becuase it doesnt do any good. Blacks have as much opportunity as whites in this day and age, and there are plenty of examples to back that up.

Bri - Oh Bri... "facts" are so fluid. I never like to hear people talk about race and facts in the same discussion. I can talk about facts like "Most convicted felons in the United States are black" and "blacks do worse, on average, in school that whites" but there are other things behind those facts that are part of a larger story not being told. Slavery has been practiced by every race over the history of mankind and to say that whites are horrid because we hurt blacks is belittling the hurt of historical Japanese slaves in China, Jews in Egypt, White slaves in China, and the thousands of inter regional enslavemnts within national and cultural boundries.


What do you mean what wealth. White people have WEALTH. That is old money, you say what did they steal from blacks. Lets see let me break it down in modern way for you:

A white man hires some mexicans, have them do some improvements, hand work, maintenance, construction etc, but for over 400 years, but he doesn't pay them a thing. And hires, his daughters, his sons, his wife, his grandmother, his great grandmother, his aunt, his uncle and every offspring from his family and pays them nothing also. What do you think that white man is going to amass, I'll give you a clue and thats Wealth and today that is old money and its still floating around.

To say that is a lack of awareness and to take offensiveness and getting emotional in a debate, without knowing any facts. You talk about diamond mines, the people who are hungry, can't feed themselves and their families do anything to get that shiny rock so your husband can give it to you as an engagement ring for your 10th anneversary. And Hip-Hop stars and actors and actress can choose to wear it in any way just for vanity. The people don't wear the diamonds you idiot, they are sent out by foreign investors and in exchange they give them guns so they can go and kill themselves. Unfortunatley you will never understand, because you believe everything you hear and everything you see.


Here is another poem from this delightfully retarded child/father:

Even My F---ing Soup?

by Autumn Ashante

Honkey-ass crackers in my soup

Chad, Biff and Betty Boop.

Why'd you choose a black girl's meal?

Did you think I'd run? Did you think I'd squeal?

Try again mother-f***ers, I ain't leaving

Not so long as all you honkeys are breathing.

Damn right I'm angry, you want to know why?

Black history month is in February, what the f--- was wrong with July?!?

You know perfectly well my proud African brethren hate that white snow on the ground

That was just one more ploy to hold us down.

White, white, white

Everywhere I look... white.

The milk in my cereal is white and so are these here soup noodles

And don't even get me started on those yippee-ass poodles.

The French flag, all the presidents and Michael Jackson's nose

As well as the dots on my beloved Dominoes.

The clouds and the stars and the whites of my eyes

I'll be painting them all brown... you better recognize.


Now to extrapolate.

First, do not be confused by this poem, her behavior and poems are completely racist. Her father was quoted to call the school officials who issue the appology "white crakers," and in a response to this incident, Autum was cited to say in the Westchester Journal News that white people are "devils and they should be gone. (I am not quite sure where I am supposed to go, Africa I guess)

Second, do not be confused, she did not write any of this crap. Her father claims to only fix her punctuation. what punctuation, she does not use any. She is probably a good little monkey performer, but thats all.

Third, this is not about slavery, this is not about african americans, this is about Islam trying to divide our country through known conflicts. Let's look at the evidence: a) she reads her poems in arabic, as well; b) she attends the Islamic Darul Arkam School in Mount Vernon (one of those Saudi Arabian Wahabbi schools); c)her father, who write the poems, is a member of the nation of Islam; d) Autum has appeared at America-bashing 9/11 conspiracy-monger Amiri Baraka's annual family cookout.

Black people bite, white people bite. But this is all about Muslims wanted to create a divide between Americans in order to take advantage of the infighting and impose Sharia law. If you want to know more about this, please check out jihadwatch.com


Alexander: Your comment was the best. Can we all just take a minute and imagine if this had been a white kid reciting a poem of this kind. These jigs would be flipping out and calling Rev. Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, the ACLU and the "Ain't you black too?" I am appalled at this. I think someone needs to wash this little girl's and her father's mouths out with a big ol' bar of soap. Ivory soap. White Ivory Soap. And we wonder why they can't get over the slavery thing. At least back then, they worked. If they all got jobs, they wouldn't have time to focus on slavery from 200 years ago. Get a job!!! This little girl is going to grow up (maybe, if she isn't killed in a drive-by by one of her peeps) to be very angry and non-productive. What a waste.

that little girl sucks

i agree with Alexander ,, and about her saying she wished she was in afrika trust me she justs says that send her ass over there and shell die in a second missing all the good life back in the states and all the rights , and toys 7 yr old children play with!.the "popularity" she has


I'm apalled that anyone would believe this little
7 year old girl is NOT brainwashed by her narrow-minded bigoted father. I pray that one day she is exposed to the real truth of Jesus Christ and that His truth will set her free from the real bondage she is under. His sickness of hatred towards one race or class of people needs to be the focus of any discussion. He, the father and millions like him are warriors against Christianity. One prime example is the current convert in Afghanistan that has had to flee his country because of his belief in Jesus Christ. Where are the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, NAACP, ACLU, NEA? They should be front row center stage deploring this terrible father teaching this otherwise sweet little seven year old girl his doctrine and mantra of hate!


Once upon a time a klansman in a mask said "All black people are devils and need to be gone". Society recognized this as racism and put a stop to it.
When a 7 year old child steps up and says, "All white people are devils and need to be gone" we all need to stop and recognize this statement for what it is...racist.


There is no denial that history has shaped our present, for better or for worse. There is also no denying that humans have committed terrible atrocities against each other since time began, and it is an unfortunate and cruel (though not acceptable) reality. But how can humanity advance in understanding and tolerance if we continually project what has happened in the past onto people of today? I am not excusing the past, but I am not apologizing for something in which I didn't participate, or over which I have no control. I just want to live in peace right now, and that includes tolerance for everyone, even a little girl who is being fed a message of intolerance at home by an angry dad. It's unfortunate that an obviously brilliant child is being guided down a path which will lead her directly into conflict, instead of the betterment of humanity. Whatever the color of her skin, teaching a child a message of intolerance by a parent who uses racial slurs is abusive and irresponsible.


Wow, Lin... I could not agree with you more. What you wrote sounds like something that came straight out of my mouth. As I sit in my home in the Daytona area not able to go to the beach this week because it is "Black College Reunion" week. Can you imagine... white college reunion... Not a chance. The blacks want "equality", yet we have things like affirmative action... Wouldn't you say "equality" and "affirmative action" kind of cancel eachother out???


Aside from the controversial content, I just can't believe a 7 year old chose to use the words "changed the paradigm of our village"

I've known alot of 7 year olds, but never knew one to use such advanced vocabulary. I am truly amazed. WOW. That is really advanced vocabulary for a 7 year old. Really. Perhaps she is gifted?


Wow. This is the kind of garbage that shames and besmirches our people. It's pure hate propoganda. Embarassing.

Lela Curtis

Autum Ashante may be a gifted child and she has every right to speak her mind. Her statement that "white people are devils"
is racist.Children learn from their parents and obviously along with other things learned in her home schooling, racism is also being taught.As far as the slavery issue goes,it has been hundreds of years,so why can't the blacks get over it?

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