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March 18, 2006



If I had a vast fortune, I would probably build a dream home on some nice acreage"

A "dream home with acreage" is a contradiction in terms.

Roof deck, maybe. Penthouse with terrace, sure. But no acreage, please. ;-)


Agreed about the acregae.

I would never want to take care of a large yard, etc.

Just give me a 6,000 square foot loft in Tribeca.

As for the warmth angle: it seems to me that that misses the point. People don't build 10,000 sq foot homes, to say nothing of 40,000 sq foot homes hoping to evoke a country charm of warmth. They build them because (1) they can and (2) they're trying to outdo the neighbors.

Warmth never enters into the equation.


2-3 acres would be perfect, but I simply can't comprehend a 39K square foot house. Like you, I have a house near 2K and putting 20 of these end to end is ludicrous.

Even assuming guest quarters, indoor swimming, large theater, etc what would you do with all that room? Perhaps he doesn't like his wife and put bedrooms on opposite sides of the property....


That is ridiculous.

I'm with you on the quality vs. quantity thing. 3,000 SF is plenty for a regular sized family as long as I have room for my toys. (-;

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