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February 21, 2006



Nice tribute to Curt. Thank you.

I remember laying down in front of the TV set on late Sunday afternoons and listening to his excited reactions when fellow hunters bagged an elk, landed a blue marlin, or shot some upland birds. Mr Gowdy's infectious enthusiasm spurred me on to do better in baseball, learn how to hunt, and revel in just being an American. He taought me about patriotism and this great country of ours without mentioning a single political party or principle. I never knew his politics, never knew what he thought about the VN war, or the Carter boycott of the Olympics, never even cared if he was a journalist --to me, he was just an avid sportsman who could tell a good story. The world is better because of Curt's passion, advocacy of outdoor sports, and his unique role in shaping millions of American boys into men today. America has lost more in his passing than a thousand Cronkites or Murrows or Rathers will ever contribute.

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