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January 19, 2006



Who has said that Catholics advocate ID? It has primarily been proposed by evangelicals and other protestant organizations.


Indeed, there is no reason at all for Catholics to be defensive on this issue. Ever since the days of Thomas Aquinas, Rome has been either at the forefront of scientific learning, or not far behind. Some Protestant evangelicals are WAY behind. For months I hammered away on the evolution issue, taking on the dogmatists on both sides (who depend on each other, ironically), but I think the matter has been resolved, for all but a few wacko holdouts.


Well, Andrew's comment stretches the truth a bit.

Remember Galileo.


Great picture. I luh dat!


Dave -- Point well taken. The Catholic hierarchy obviously became thin-skinned about any implied challenge to the faith during the Reformation Era. The Church's "evolution" since then has been steady, if often uneven. Leo XIII's "Rerum Novarum" got them back on track.

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