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January 16, 2006


St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse

Ray thinks God is angry with the USA because he is angry with the USA. Classic " My Opinion = God's Opinion" syndrome that Mr. Robertson suffers from. The problem is, more blacks are angry with the USA than are angry with Nagin. Nagin's using his melanin reserves to shield him from criticism from both fellow melanin haves, and the equally angry melanin have-nots.

Here's some other Melanin Majority cities that Nagin can model New New Orleans after :


and my favourite vacation destination:

I know Ray Nagin's not Charles Taylor, but he isn't Nelson Mandela either. There is a parable about a foolish builder, building his house on sand. When it falls down, is he bound to rebuild his home on that same, terrible spot, because the first was?

Tony Iovino


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