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January 05, 2006


St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse

If ever there was someone who really needed to take a vow of silence..


Hence my aversion to religion.


Robertson is hardly the only person to make this argument.
It certainly crossed my mind. However, who am I to presume to know the judgement of God?
Robertson knows no such humility or dignity.

I respected Sharon for commanding Unit 101 and then as a brigade and division general. However, his political decisions have been rather checkered.
Turning over Israeli land to Hamas and Fatah makes me ill.

On the other hand, I did see a sense of irony in the death of Yitzak Rabin, given his hand in the Altalena incident.
Rabin had ordered Haganah artillery to fire on a ship carrying refugees as well as munitions and weapons for the Irgun. Ben Gurion had already declared that all militias should be brought under his command and ordered Rabin to take all necessary measure to prevent the landing of the ship.

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