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January 03, 2006



Sorry for my ignorance, but what does coaching do that non-coaching does not?


'A new study is out that casts doubt on the effectiveness of coaching in making the childbirth process any easier.'

Like they needed a study to tell them that? I could have saved them a lot of money.


I made it through all 6 of my kids births in the d-room, even though as a coach I was mainly in the way....but the hardest has been sitting outside not knowing what is going on with 3 out of 4 grandkids...that is a near-killer...I told them that next time, I'll be in the local pub and just call me when its over.


Maybe I'm not quite sure what 'coaching' means. I was with my wife during the birth of our son, and my role as coach had little to do with instructions and telling her when to push.

Mine was a role of encouragement and support, letting her know how she was doing, how brave and beautiful she was, and making sure she was as comfortable as possible. Of course, I can't speak for my wife, but I'm sure I can safely say that the birth would've been much more difficult had she been alone.

The body is designed to do what needs to be done, without being told. What I was taught in birthing classes, and learned in the delivery room, is that being a coach is about being there.

What I find curious is the reasearchers' focus on duration. Does a shorter delivery make for an 'easier' one?

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