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January 29, 2006



So why has it been so successful?

What am I missing?

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse

I've bought lots of stuff off eBay, for several years now. I usually avoid unrealistic deals and expensive deals w/ <50 feedback sellers. I just got a Latin-English Booklet Missal, arrived friday, bought off eBay. I'll get something off eBay a few times a year, usually for birthdays or Christmas, like the sand & lob wedges set I got for Christmas. Everybody has differing experiences, I guess.


Coincidentally, I too just encountered an apparent case of eBay fraud, and I'm hoping my request for help will get answered soon. Perhaps they are swamped.


Ebay has outgrown both the need for true customer service, the system that allows them to maintain control. Understandable, given their growth, and the TOS to which one must agree. The only thing smarter than the idea of on-line classifieds was shielding themselves against any responsibility. It's a simple case of ya' pays yer money an' ya takes yer chances.


If ebay owns paypal then why don't they implement some kind of system where paypal holds the money being transfered until the buyer actually receives the item. Then at that point the money is released to the seller. It wouldn't be hard to prove that the item was received by the buyer. The only problem that might occur is that the buyer could claim that the item was broken and ask for the money back. But in that case the buyer would be required to ship the item back to the seller anyways, so what would be the benefit of that? I just find the current way ebay works to be ridiculous. I mean I could open up an account, post an item, recieve money, and never ship out anything. I can't believe that ebay can make all this money off of these transactions and really have no kind of accountability.


Ebay's short comings Contact me at JeepFraud@cableone.net

People when you leave NEGATIVE feedback on a high cost item make it count.
There are many email providers that you can set up an account with so you can give the readers a contact point.

Like most people I look for the gray or red in the feed back section. After a purchase I found the negative feed back is changed to neutral and positive is never changed to negative or neutral. If the original feed back is negative and later is settled by agreement it is changed to neutral. Original feed back left as positive and later problems occur it is left as positive even when it should be negative.

DO NOT leave feedback on a high dollar purchased until you are sure it as described and there are no hidden problems.

Example seller had a feedback of 106 with 97.5% positive. Afer reading all of the feedback I found his rating should have been 85% or less. I found 15 negatives. Most were covered with a positive green +. I would never have bid on his item with a 85% rating.

Save all of your emails. ALL of your emails from the seller and others devoted to the item.
Take pictures of the vehicle, inside and out. Compare them to the listing. Do your own list of problems and differences even if they are not covered by the protection offered by eBay. They don't cover much. The Vehicle protection plan is so limited that most claims are not covered.

Ebay has a policy of 35 days to file. This is important. The seller will hold the car or shipping takes 10 - 15 days, Inspection and troubleshooting takes 2-3 days. If needed SquareTrade takes up to 10 days, and they take it all. You are looking at 4-5 days to file and PROVIDE all that they want. If you miss even one dead line you loose by default.

Do the work from the beginning, not the end. Make copies of everything. Take pictures, and save all emails. You will also need a picture or link to the original listing. Get ready JUST IN CASE. If possible put everything in a PDF file so you can send it with a claim.

If you have a problem don't depend on an email send the seller a certified letter as will. This may change his mind on helping resolve the problem as you have set him up for a legal action as well as an eBay claim.

Sellers know that the Vehicle protection is very limited and try to get in under the $1500.00 requirement. Don't just accept that you are out of luck. Leave negative feedback if it is not as described. NO NOT USE NEUTRAL feedback. If you are unhappy with the product. The next buyer is looking to you as a safe guard.

Now to changes that need to be made by eBay:

eBay is allowing sellers to keep bid list private on listing
eBay is allowing sellers to keep item # private on feedback
eBay does not post Vehicle Purchase Protection claims made against the seller. This should be post as a negative in feedback.
Positive feedback that changes should be changed to negative or at the least neutral.
Negative should not be changed to neutral.
Seller should not be allowed to leave negative retribution feed back when buyer paid and completed the purchase. There should be a claim process to stop this.
There should be a contact site on eBay for buyers that want to exchange information on real problems not "feeding the world" or "muffins".
A site where a buyer can post problems with sellers and email contact point for private exchange of information. Buyers can also request information on sellers that they are looking at.

Looking forward to seeing what you think should be changed.


Kathy Webber

I had problems finding a way to pay into a bank thats over 350k's away from me, kept in contact with seller, then when it was paid they filed for unpaid item...another was paid and they kept in touch for a week after recieving payment , then nothing....I never did feel comfortable with ebay, now i hate it and tell others to avoid it...it all comes down to the honesty of the seller, and i find impatient people are generally dishonest...the person who wants money upfront and now, usually will do nothing for it and cut/n/run...honest people are usually patient...

Ray Yuen

I have bought and sold many things on ebay. Only two big problems.
1. System allows sniping (bidding at the last second). I snipe all the time and it has saved my hundreds of dollars. It does not achieve the highest price for sellers. Ebay must lose billions of dollars in commission fees etc..
2. The feedback system is useless. Many sellers will not leave feedback until they get a positive from the buyer. Result is I pay immediately but don't get my feedback I deserve until the transaction is complete. Who is going to leave a negative feedback if the seller deserves it i.e. bad service or faulty and misleading items. They are holding your good feedback record to ransom.
You can see many people getting a revenge negative feedback just because the seller is a ratbag.

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