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December 15, 2005



I got rid of sitemeter's stat tracking thing a while ago, and have since left the world of the Truth Laid Bear because, quite honestly, I blog for my own personal edification, not to compete with others for ranking stats. That other people stop by my site and comment is only icing on the cake.

That said, I think 99% of my traffic is from Google. I don't quite understand why that is, but it has something to do with a picture of Nicole Kidman, to which I once linked. I am averaging well over 1,000 hits per day, per statcounter.com, and well over 2,000 per day per typepad's own tracking.

I don't understand (1) the discrepancies between the two sets of traffic numbers; and (2) the "ecosystem" and its ranking.

And, given that I have a lot more important things to worry about than either of those two things, I decided that I simply don't care, and the world will go on without me understanding either of these two things.

And, you know what? The world has gone on.

Que sera, sera, as Doris Day would have it.


Perhaps it just makes me a whiny, pouty brat, but I have declared myself extinct from the Ecosystem.

I am a not a link whore, I am not in any "alliances" and still his "improvements" cut my ranking from 1200 to 2000.

Like someone else said about Technorati, TTLB can be summed up as follows: great concept, rotten execution.

P.S. Awesome pic! :-)


Thanks to you for writing.

One day I might be grown up enough to, like you, Dave and Kip, not care what the TTLB ecosystem says about me. For now I'm just hoping to be a vertebrate before that day grown-up comes.

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