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December 29, 2005



Neuroses compiled.

Read at your own peril.

Would put in a link to the tags but I get an error message saying I can't put HTML in comments...


I buy a sweatshirt of the universities in cities I visit. Baseball caps would seem a more economical choice though. I'll consider it.

And, yes, Portia enjoys meeting eligible bachelors. ;-)


Strange! I have the same thing with maps. What is that about? I sit there and study it, meditate over it, consider it, and think about putting it up and then start all over again.

Alex Nunez

Tagged, eh?

Ok. I'll respond over the weekend!


And to think I've gone my whole life thinking I was the only one on this entire planet who is obsessed with poring over maps! What a relief to know there are others with the same hangup!! Can we form a 12-step recovery program for mapaholics?

As you may recall from Philadelphia last April, I make a point of buying the home team's program (magazine) every time I go to a new MLB ballpark. It's only about ten so far, however.

Alex Nunez

I haven't forgotten...it will be done!

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