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November 02, 2005



I gave up on BL about 2-3 weeks ago when Denny showed up in court dressed as a Minuteman -- with a loaded rifle! The show has lost all connection to reality.

It was a hard choice -- I love the Alan Shore character -- but the plot lines have become too ludicrous.

And you're correct, the politics are also a bit too "Air America" for me.


I happened to catch the tail end of that episode, but I'm not a regular viewer. As for Christians, my church (Episcopalian) actually had a Halloween performance on Sunday, with members of the congregation reading scripture that was related to departed spirits or possessed demons. As somewhat of a traditionalist, I thought it was a little odd but harmless and possibly effective. The priest said Halloween captures a sense of wonder and enchantment that most adults have long lost. Perhaps. I wish the connection to All Saints' Day would be elevated and the pagan overtones minimized. I frown on begging for candy, but I suppose going door to door in costume once a year is OK.

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