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October 13, 2005



"This is a christian family and where I live, about 99% of people are Christians and most believe that with abuse (sexual) that it is better to keep quiet and it is the females fault."

This is a horrendous sweeping generality about Christians. In fact, I would say the percent is grossly overdone. It is probably more like somewhere in the .5%. Making the above statement is like saying that all Jews are greedy, all Mormons are polygamists, and all atheists/wiccans worship the devil. I think that if something was happening amongst the Duggars that something would have been revealed to camera crews, guests, parents, etc.

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My comment is short for now, but the claim that there is not enough love or quality time for 16 children is ridiculous. Why is it that people think that quality time HAS to be one-on-one? Can't quality time be spent as a family? I'll bet the Duggars spend more time with their 16 children than most parents spend on one or two. Having one or two children makes the whole family more selfl-centered. The larger the family, the more you have to depend on each other and be self-sacrificing. Isn't this what Jesus did for us? He sacrificed Himself for us. The Bible DOES say that we should try to be as much like Him as we can!


"That many boys in a house there is sure to be some sort of abuse going on. I know that in a family of 16, not everyone behaves no nicely. If there is a magnifying glass on that family, I am sure there are a lot of things that they do not want us to see."

As I read your comment, I cried; partially for terrible and false accusation, and partially for how you must have grown up to be so ready to assume that brothers would abuse, even sexually abuse their sisters.

Of course I would never claim that the Duggars are perfect. We can be certain that those siblings have their rivalries and such.

But I am also the second oldest in a large family with the same "family culture" as the Duggars; so I can assure you that those brothers think of themselves as the protectors and defenders of their sisters, and would vomit in disgust at the very idea that you have suggested.


I both love and hate the Duggars. At any rate, I'm fully drawn to every bit of information I can read about them much like I'm drawn to the Septuplets. The WOW factor really plays in there.

I love them because I want a family like that. I want to mother all those kids and homeschool and live in a dormatory and just have babies whenever I want. I want to be able to keep my kids in my world where I set up everything they see or learn so they all want to follow my religion and my traditions. I want to love every child and make them feel special and important just because they are here and they are my child.

I hate them because I don't really think it is fair to not expose your children to other aspects of the world. There is no way that 18 people, even in one nuclear family, can have ALL the same view point and opinion of things like religion when given all the different possibilities of the world. I had 5 siblings and there is a wide range even just with us! I have 3 kids and the only one that is old enough to make a choice yet has said he doesn't want to be the exact same religion as me. I'm not particularly fond of the religion they practice with the girls all having long hair and dresses and doing the cooking and cleaning and childcare. It irks me a bit that on some level - there is a bit of cult-like living going on. Frankly, I'm not eating any jello if the Duggars invite me to dinner.

I also am irritated by her pure luck at getting pregnant so easily and so quickly after giving birth and at least the lack of me seeing anything about her understanding how incredible that is. I went through having a stillborn daughter. It was nothing genetic and the pregnancy was totally normal until 3 days before her due date she was born dead. It was heart wrentching as you might imagine. I have many friends going through fertility issues with not being able to have as many kids as they'd like, and all THEY are asking for is one or two. I have other (very religious, BTW) friends who are battling cancer with their baby. I belong to a group that gives support through losing children and trust me when I say that how devout you are has NOTHING to do with your odds of being hit with tragedy. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are lucky, plain and simple. VERY lucky. I wish that she'd show an understanding of that as this huge family parades across our TVs. There is more to "why doesn't everyone do this?" then because we are selfish parents that don't want to have 16 kids. We CAN'T do that. Physically. So while I sit and watch and wish it was me while still thinking there are some issues with the family I don't like, I am frustrated and annoyed to hear a hint of "We are setting an example of what a good family is." somewhere in the mix. Honestly, it is easier for me to deal with the concept of the cons to making a CHOICE to be that kind of family then it is for me to deal with the fact that it was never my choice.


The people who are criticizing this wonderful family should be ashamed. Why do people always have to bash something they don't understand? Jim bob and Michelle are free to do anything to pursuit happiness and they seem to be happy. yes , they probably are times when they have disagreements , so what. What really got me was when the accusation of abuse came up. Especially sexual.Michelle Duggar should get mother of the year because she has taught her children kindness, responsibility for themselves and others , and love for there fellow man. Some of you people may need to take lessons from her.
So Mr.Kip Esquire was your assumption on the bases of their T.V. special or have you been to their home and spent actual time with them because if you are assuming we all know the saying about assuming ( assume) a hint if you don't, break that word into 3 parts.

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