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July 29, 2005



I'm not sure that, "all this hullaballoo" as you call it is because people are bigoted against Catholics or any other religion. I think you actually identify the real cause yourself when you argue that theories of creationism and religion have absolutely nothing to do with science and biology class. Personally, I have no problem with the belief that God created the Earth - I actually believe it myself. But I don't see why that has to exclude the the Theory of Evolution - if God created the universe, there's no reason She didn't just create it as it exists scientifically, determining all of the laws of nature (such as, for example, evolution.)

But that's beside the point. As you said yourself, the ideas of religion and of science are totally separate. Both have important, but generally completely different functions in informing our understanding of the world and ourselves. And the simple truth is that religious perspectives have no place in a biology class- they're completely irrelevant, and moreover, they're the type of thing that needs to be considered and evaluated on one's own, not at the behest of the government. As a public school student who took biology last year, I find the notion of requiring my teacher to teach us ideas which should be matters of personal faith abhorrent, especially since I know for a fact that neither he nor the majority of my class believed them.

When one steps back and examines the situation without the obscuring filter of the always-assumed divisions and partisanships of left vs. right and religious vs. nonreligious, I think there really is a deeper issue at stake then one group of people trying to make another look stupid. There is a divide between religion and science, and there ought to be one, for a whole host of reasons, and people get justly upset when anybody tries to cross that line, especially in our schools, since everybody's kids, regardless of their backgrounds, are required by law to sit there and listen. They're not angry because it's religious, and they don't mock it because it's unscientific, they make a big "hullaballoo" because anything that isn't scientific, regardless of it's merit, doesn't belong in a science classroom. I think you'll find that any time it is suggested that religious ideas be added to our government-run schools, there will be angry and yes, often mocking objections, not because people have religious ideas but because they don't recognize the distinction between those views and those of science, which, as you pointed out, is so glaringly obvious.

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