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May 26, 2005



I couldn't agree with you more about the assine ways our schools operate. I'm in a famous red state and the buracracy is bull. However, I feel you point about health insurance isn't a good place to start. Our teachers are extremely under valued in this country, which is unfortunate. I think everyone who participates on this blog can think of a teacher or two who have profoundly impacted their life.

To be realisitic, the rebuplican party owns school boards across the country. Start taking action within the party ranks to see real change. The republican party stands for fiscal responsibility, which includes our schools.


gratefullyplanned, I respectfully beg to differ with your assertion that "the republican party owns school boards across the country." On the contrary, from every news article I've read spanning our nation on this subject, the majority of school boards are profoundly liberal and unabashedly politically correct.

I live on the "left coast" and school boards here make the most assinine decisions when it comes to quality and standard of education (nil), birth control (as much as you like), parental notification (none), sex education (over the top), school dress (anything goes)...the list is endless.

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