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February 19, 2005



It's a poor analogy, but I think of it a bit like this: Pete Rose can't get into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and all *he* did was gamble on a few games; and yet Mine's colleagues want to honor her despite her actions? It's just unconscionable. She may have been a terrific professor, but that doesn't change what she did anymore that Ted Bundy's volunteering at a suicide hotline mitigated his actions.

And for Pohlhaus to complain about Mine being labeled a murderer when, all bias aside, she clearly was a murderer, is appalling.


This isn't about "out of touch" left-wing faculty vs. "clear headed" non-faculty. It is about people trying to cope with the actions of a person they loved that were so completely out of character, and to remember her for all the good she embodied. I knew Mine Ener. She was a warm, generous, kind-hearted person. If you knew her, you'd see things differently. I hope you never have to process a tragedy the likes of that endured by the friends and family of Mine and Raya. I'm guessing if you did, you might retract your words.


Bill, I emailed you a response but it was bounced back. I posted again on the subject, and I hope that you can at least appreciate where I am coming from. I certainly respect your feelings on the matter.

Winifred McNamara

The funny thing about these comments is that Mine Enar was not a murderer. Mine Enar was in the midst of severe postpartum depression, which in extreme cases is never just depression. The depression is tied to some mind altering disease (schizophrenia, psychosis, bizarre visions, etc.) It is easy to say they she is a murderer and she suffered from plain old baby blues. However, Mine Enar is not here to let us know what really happened the day Raya died. But if she were here, I'm sure she would have a frigtening tale of feeling as though she was no longer in control and that her thought process was totally altered by something she didn't understand - not something evil or malicious, but something she could not control. Any memorial to Mine and or her daughter Raya is a good thing. Anything that brings attention to women's mental health issues is a good thing. The world needs to know that the "baby blues" can develop into something horrible and tragic. Casting blame on Mine Enar or taking her memorial down is such a waste. All that energy should be put to better use, such as helping educate all new parents about the possibility and subsequent dangers of postpartum depression.

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